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Atelier du canal

L’Atelier du canal "The Canal Workshop" is Located in Dole, (France,Jura), "Quai Pasteur" along the "canal des tanneurs" at number 61. To visit me, contact me by email at actualimages@gmail.com by phone, sms to +33 (0) 6 61 67 51 18. at your convenience by appointment
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World Circulations under Diasec - Limited Editions Artsper Artsper.com
The large format photographs of the series are offered in limited edition. Presentation under Diasec ®. The journey begins in West Africa in Ouagadougou, on legendary roads, and continues in Europe, the United States and Asia. ► Circulations of the world in pictures

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ATELIER DU CANAL Atelier du canal Atelier du canal   Totem
Atelier Workshop

News 2018 - 2020

atelier ouvert Opening of the Jura workshops
The 1st, 2nd and third weekend of October," L'atelier du canal" will be open with a guest Stéphane Haslé who will dedicate his new book, Departure terminal

atelier ouvert Atelier du canal – Café Philo
With Stéphane Haslé - Friday May 24, 2019.Café Philo at the canal workshop in Dole in partnership with the "Vieille Loye" village on the theme Image and photography with Stéphane Haslé Philosopher.

Souscription a Dole Fotofever Art faire Paris
from 10 to 12 NOV 2017 Carrousel du Louvre with "Galerie Chromia".

Souscription a Dole United Nations - New York - USA - Collective organized by UNESCO Andorra Sept 2016

Souscription a Dole Cité du temps - Genève.
Galerie Chromia Collective exhibition "Flavors of childhood" december 2015

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